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Psychics Online Now
Refresh this page often to update the list of online psychics.

Single Room Chats
Psychic Chat
Psychic Chat is Available Now.
This is a psychic chat site where you can select your psychic and purchase time with them to use now or later. We are currently building brand new, smartphone and tablet interactive chat rooms. Stay Tuned!
Psychics available for SMS
Laura St-John
Laura St-John is available for SMS
Laura St-John was born a natural psychic. Within the first 6 years of her life she was contacted by Spirits and visions of future happenings.
  $29.00 / SMS
Edna Bardsley
Edna Bardsley is available for SMS
English Rose. A mothers heart and a womans touch combined with a background heavily laden in the Wicca ways. A simply accurate clairvoyant, thank you Edna!
  $11.50 / SMS
SpiritWhisper is available for SMS
Most sought after spiritualist advisor on four continents. Master of the Ouija Board. Combining the Tarot & years of relationship counseling with Channeled Clairvoyance to answer all your questions.
  $29.00 / SMS
Michael is available for SMS
Michael has been a Metaphysical practitioner for almost 16 years. Gifted and insightful!
  $11.50 / SMS
Fantasia is available for SMS
"Her chats are always so informative" ~ "She told me what to expect and she was right!"
  $11.50 / SMS
Carebear of Love
Carebear of Love is available for SMS
Empathic,Clairaudient,Intuitive and Spirtitual. 12 years practicing all of these gifts enable strong emotional connections to bring answers to life's hardest questions.
  $11.50 / SMS
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